Bunny Bonding


Frequently asked questions.

What do you offer?

We can offer bunnies neutral territory which is vital for bonding. Constant supervision of up to 50 hours. Encouragement by various methods dependant on the situation and constant updates, pics, etc.

What should I do whilst they are bonding?

Whilst we do this you will be expected to cleanse their area with a suitable cleaner and toilet areas with white vinegar. This is a good opportunity to move things about, try and eliminate items/areas a bunny is defensive about and maybe put in a few different bits for a change so both enter their new home together.

We are often told bunnies do not like to live alone (which is true), that we get our bunny a partner and they will instantly be friends (this is not true).

Bonding bunnies is a complex process that requires patience, resilience and a brave watchful eye. Intervening at the wrong time could severely damage a chance of bonding, not intervening at a necessary time can result in injury or death. Separating because of a little scuffling or fur pulling will not give bunnies the opportunity to decide which will be ‘the dominant’ in the relationship.  Once that has been decided and accepted, they will not fight and will usually become inseparable.

Do you bond same-sex couples?

Unfortunately not. The reason we do not bond same-sex couples is they are unpredictable and do not always last. Even when spayed/neutered there are still persistent levels of sex hormones. Male & females hormones cause different motivations and need for resources, therefore, there is less competitiveness between a male & a female, whereas this could always be a risk of causing a rift in same-sex couples. For the same reason we do not bond trios and groups.

So what about the pet stores?

You may be confused if you walk into the local Pets at Home store and lots of bunnies are happily together, this is because they have been bred together and any bunny that does not like it is often moved to the naughty ‘adoption’ tank. It is not easy to know how long these siblings will be happy for, sometimes, weeks, months or years or forever, but it is generally discouraged amongst the rabbit community to bond siblings. Also if bunnies are dropped off to a rescue centre usually they will separate siblings and look to bond them with an unrelated bunny of the opposite sex.

Are you often successful?

If the circumstances are right:

Both bunnies are healthy.

One is a neutered buck (male) and one is a spayed doe (female).

They live in a safe and well-cared for environment.

Then we have a high success rate and should be able to assist.

How long will it take?

This is a question we get asked a lot and one that cannot be easily answered. However, we can say the first 24-48 hours is vital and is most likely going to tell us if they are compatible. Some bond within 24 hours, some 48 hours and some could take a more gentle approach, that can take months.

What happens if my bunnies do not bond with you?

We will discuss further options with you dependant on their behaviour.

How much do you charge?

The price for 48 hours is £50, with £25 to be paid upfront. £25 on completion, if they bond.

It is a very difficult service to price, due to the commitment needed. You will need to drop bunnies off in separate carriers, this can be done on a pre-booked Friday usually from 1pm until Sunday evening. We can offer pick-up and drop off at an additional charge.

If we feel your bunnies just need a little more time to solidify the bond then we can discuss this option with you, the charge for additional days will be our usual boarding charge of £12.

What do I need to do to book?

Firstly contact us to check our availability. Bunnies will need to be registered with a vet and fully vaccinated with Filovac and Nobivac, we cannot allow unvaccinated rabbits on our premises (We do require proof of this). We will send you some registration forms to gather any further information.

Other important information;

Please note we strongly support the RWAF ‘A Hutch is Not Enough’ campaign and will check with you that the bonded bunnies are going to a suitably sized home. We are an RWAF approved boarding site. Please see the above link if not done so, they have some great info. Also if you are a subscriber to their magazine ‘Rabbiting On’. You will receive a 10% discount on boarding.

Even with constant monitoring, there are always risks involved when bonding bunnies, we cannot be held accountable for any injuries that could be caused during the bond, you must be prepared for this and have funds available if we need to go to an out of hours vet.